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Companies and LLPs have to Comply with ROC by filing various return, forms and documents and these could be categorized in two heads.

•             Annual compliance Filling– Compliances which are required to be made once in a year by all the companies and LLPs.

•             Event Based Compliance Filling– Compliances which are required to be made from time to time on various events.

As a part of Annual Filing, Companies are required to file the following e-Forms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC):

Documente-FormDue Date
Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss AccountForm AOC-4 to be filed by all companies30 days from date of AGM
Annual ReturnForm MGT-7 to be filed companies having share capital60 days from date of AGM

Given below is the list of few events in which compliance with ROC is required:

Change in Authorized/ Paid up Capital of the Company.

•             Allotment of new shares / transfer of shares / invitation to subscribe for shares.

•             Issue of shares to the Directors / employees of the Company.

•             Subdivision of face value of the shares of the Company.

•             Investment in share / other securities.

•             Change in composition of the Board of Directors.

•             Appointment of Managing / whole time Directors.

•             Entering into new business / Partnership.

•             Alteration of memorandum and articles of association of the company.

•             Amalgamation of the Company with other company.

•             Shifting the registered office of the Company from one place to other.

•             Appointment or change of the Statutory Auditors of the Company.

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